dressage horse print on large canvas in modern abstract style
dressage horse painting on large canvas in modern abstract style

Dressage horse print “Synergy”

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“Synergy” – from the Greek word Synergos (working together)

My goal as an artist is to create art that has meaning to you. Our experiences with horses teach us about synergy. In dressage, synergy obviously means working in partnership with our horse. We encourage their power and expressiveness by modulating their speed and balance in a harmonious way. We train to use the most subtle of aids so that we are not taking away their energy but subtly containing or directing it.

In life, we all need synergistic relationships. Relationships where we bring out the best in people and people bring out the best in us. Sometimes this requires a little communication (modulation) to focus on what that is. But once we find it – we are all better for it.

Hoping this dressage horse print in your collection, will always remind you to create and allow more synergy in your home-life, work-life and horse-life.

These large horse art prints are made from a high resolution scan of the large 48” x 36” original horse painting done on canvas. The modern, loose style was created using professional quality artist acrylic paint in an abstract water-colour like technique. The drama of the piece comes from its energetic diagonal design and vertical format, its high contrast tonal range, the contrasting color palette of orange and blue and the contrast of very thin transparent paint combined with full opaque detail.

This ready to hang, high resolution gallery wrap canvas horse print is hand stretched onto a deep wood frame.

Please let me know what color float frame in the notes section at check out - thanks!


Based on my own reference photo of Grand Prix rider Heather Robertson Morris, riding my horse; Vancouver aka Nemo. This was just a little tune up ride which gave me the chance to take some photos for painting reference.

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Horse print collection - dressage and hunter jumper

A horse art collection starts with just one horse print!

Thank you! Your beautiful art arrived on schedule! Already thinking I may need to start a collection!

R. Cartwright

Print arrived! It looks amazing. Quality and framing is really great. I look forward to adding another in my office

J. Cameron

The painting arrived! WOW even more gorgeous in person!! Thank you!!

G. Mercer
equestrian artist designer rider Vanessa Whittell paints horses


Born in the UK and having grown up in very horsey areas of Canada – Vanessa Whittell has been riding horses since she was three.


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