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original horse painting and horse print of carl hester
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horse art on canvas of dressage rider carl hester
carl hester dressage painting on canvas

Dressage horse painting original “Equipoise”

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Original dressage painting of Carl Hester “Equipoise”

Equipoise: The state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced.

In this horse painting I am once again exploring balance as it relates to art and riding. Balance in art refers to the use of artistic elements such as line, texture, color and form in the creation of artwork in a way that renders visual stability.

Balance in riding comes from the management of both the rider’s and the horse’s longitudinal and lateral balance. It’s the finding and maintaining of this state of balance that creates the stability for expressive dressage movement, good jumping technique and efficient galloping cross country.



This original dressage horse painting of Carl Hester was done as a study for the painting that was gifted to him. This work is acrylic on high quality canvas - hand stretched onto a deep 1.5″ (3.8cm) wood frame.

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