Exploring tempo and rhythm

Exploring tempo and rhythm – Important in art as well as riding

In art, rhythm is achieved when the elements are placed in a predictable manner so that they form a pattern. The pattern sets an order and the sequence of that order is what creates the tempo. In this case the vertical brush strokes and the paint runs create a strong sense of rhythm and their spacing and size creates the tempo.

In dressage riding, its just the same. Rhythm is the footfalls of each gait: four beats for walk, two beats for trot, three beats for canter. Tempo is the rate of repetition of those footfalls.

This dressage horse painting really does have great energy. It will always remind us of the importance of rhythm and tempo. Do you have a dull, boring wall somewhere that needs some energizing?


For riding – A great reference on rhythm verses tempo is here:

Painting and riding are just so related…