Balance in art and dressage

carl hester dressage large modern abstract horse canvas print

Dressage and art are both about balance

In dressage, the term balance is described as the relative distribution of the weight of horse and rider laterally and longitudinally. With training the horse learns to move with his base of support narrowed laterally and shortened longitudinally in order to become more mobile and more easily influenced less and less aids from the rider.

Balance in art refers to the sense of distribution of perceived visual weights that offset one another. We feel more comfortable and find it more pleasing when the parts of an artwork seem to balance each other.

In both forms of art. Increased skills and training leads to finding it more easily!

"Carl Hester and Hawtins Delicato" Carl Hester came to Vancouver in 2018 to do a Masterclass. The dressage horse painting was a thank you gift. Carl and Charlotte have had a very positive impact on our local dressage community. His Masterclass was completely amazing – never miss the chance to attend.

For this horse painting I worked from a wonderful photo courtesy of Carl’s friend Rose   It always helps to work from great reference….