The process starts with you

We clarify why you want a painting. Is it to remember a special horse? A special moment? Is it a gift? Is it because you are renovating and have a wall that needs feature artwork?

Then we go through your photos to find out what you like and what you don’t like. What do your photos say? What would you like your painting to say?
We discuss where the painting will hang and determine the size/shape that would work best. We identify the style and atmosphere of your interior to confirm colors, finishes and framing.

We select the photo that is the best starting point. 50% deposit is paid.

The selected image or images then go through an editing/redrawing process to fine-tune and develop the image based on our discussions.

The image can be made more dramatic to emphasize its strengths through perspective and tonal values. Issues can be de-emphasized. Often changes are made to details such as tack (boots, nosebands, saddle pads), length of ears (horses LOL), reducing or increasing tension in horses expression (eyes, nostrils, mouths, ears), improving position of the rider, tightening the horse’s form over a jump, removing whips etc etc)

I send you the edited drawing for us to confirm the final image that I will paint from. Then I send you a composited photo of this image placed into a photo of your room –  so we can double check the size, the cropping, the color, and framing will be just right.

I paint. You can be involved throughout the process if you wish. I can send you photos and videos along the way so you know your painting is staying on track.

A photo of the final image is sent to you for final approval. Balance is paid. The painting is varnished, framed if required, packaged and shipped to you.

Approximate pricing

Small (up to 36” x 36”)
Tonal $2500. Color $3500.

Medium (up to 48” x 48”)
Tonal $4500. Color $5500.

Large (up to 72” x 72”)
Tonal $6500. Color $9500.

Time is also a factor – painting from one good photo takes less time than working from multiple photos that require a lot of redrawing and editing to develop them into a completely custom image that I would then paint from.

Just curious? Send photos to An accurate price can be determined through an online questionnaire or by phone. Shipping and framing costs can be quoted. (I offer free shipping for paintings shipped in a roll throughout North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand)

You captured him perfectly and the style totally fits mine! Love it!!

D. Thompson

I enjoyed the whole process. I knew I would love the final painting from the get go! Thank you!!

S. Kearns

I will treasure this painting of my heart horse forever!! You do such beautiful work!

M. Tabour